Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Photo Challenge - High Cotton

Lyrics | Alabama lyrics - High Cotton lyrics

I live in the deep South, Alabama to be exact.  Our Fall season usually consists of rapidly changing temperatures (it might be mid 80's one day and in the low 60's the next.)  Some years we have pretty foliage... that usually depends on how hot of a Summer we've had and how much rain we get... some years the leaves just turn brown and fall to the ground.  The one thing, to me, that is a sure sign of the "Harvest Season" is when I look out across our many cotton fields and it looks like a fresh blanket of snow has fallen.  It is a beautiful sight to behold, and one I think many Southerners take for granted.  Farmers in this country are becoming somewhat of an extinct group, and cotton farmers even more so.  My Father farmed when I was very young, and I still have a lot of family members that farm in our area.  When my cousin's wife contacted me about a Fall family session, I knew the cotton field was the perfect place!  Not only is it a beautiful setting, but it is part of their family's livelihood.  Her husband (my cousin) and his entire family are farmers and have been for several generations.  Thus, the inspiration for this shoot.

Titus (the little boy in this pic) did great for this session, he is 3 years old and such a sweetie. There were so many great shots from this session, with gorgeous Fall colors... but I am a sucker for black & white images! This photo was taken around 5:45 p.m. I am in love with back lighting right now, the tone of the evening sunlight this time of year is just to die for.  I had my spot metering turned on.  I processed this photo with the Buttercup Black & White action from Florabella to give it those wonderful vintage tones.  Happy Fall Y'all! :-)

Rock the Shot

I am pretty new to this photography thing and am learning more all the time!  Please feel free to check out more of my work on my FB page.  I'm always appreciative of constructive criticism and of course, also feel free to show some love!  https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/HH-Photography/142930609094660

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mitchell Maternity

The Mitchell's are the sweetest couple!  I'm hoping to see them back on their originally scheduled day in November, but if she doesn't make it until then, at least we got a few of her precious little baby bump!  Congratulations Emily and Will!  I can't wait to mee Miss Molly! :-)

If you know me at all, you like I like different stuff and I love me some black and white photos!  Emily looked so hot in her LBD (little black dress) and heels, when I looked up and seen her legs like this, I had to capture it!  <3!

Ben Flippo Senior Session

I was so excited when Ben's Mom contacted me about doing his environmentals.  I've been wanting to do some senior sessions, and it just happened to work out that I could get him in right away!  Ben is an awesome football player!  He actually got player of the week for the Central game against West Limestone last Friday!  Go Ben!  I had a ball with Ben and his Mom during his session!  It's so nice to photograph guys that actually don't mind having their picture taken ;-)

So Ben totally ROCKED his session!  Don't ya think?! :-)
Love me some football and boys from the South!

I caught this as we were walking around downtown Florence during this session... I thought it was so sweet!

You can definitely tell Deanna is an awesome Mother!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Classic Pin-ups :-)

If you know me, you know I love all things vintage/antique!  This is a direct result of spending so much time with my Great Aunt Becker.  She used to carry me around to antique shops and yard sales every weekend when I stayed with her.  We had a ball!  I also learned alot about old stuff and gained such an appreciation for these things. 

When my friend from high school's wife contacted me about doing some "sexy" photos for their first wedding anniversary, I immediately knew the look I wanted from them!  She explained what she was wanting to wear for them, and I was so excited!  I've been wanting to do a session like this for awhile now!

I plan on having a full day of only pin-up sessions in the very near future!  So if you are interested, keep an eye out on my FB photo page.  I have tons of ladies ask about them, so I'm sure they will go fast! 

Heather did a great job posing for these, isn't she gorgeous?!  Joe (her husband) loved them! Rachel King at Revelationz Studio of Hair Design in Florence, AL did her hair and makeup. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eli Newborn Session

This sweet little family came all the way from Priceville to see me Sunday!  I so enjoyed getting to know them and their precious new addition, Eli!  I just love what is turning into being my second job! :-) I would like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone that has sent people my way! 

This just melts my heart!

He even looks cute in Auburn colors...;-)

Gorgeous family!

Jack 3 Month Session

I can't believe this little fella is already 3 months old!  Time passes by way to quickly!  Jack is the sweetest little thing, and his eyes just get bluer every time I see him <3!  Sweet sweet baby boy!

Roll Tide Roll Jack!
<3 Them!

The Willis Family

I work with these little guys' grandmother.  They are so full of energy!  We had such a great time during their session.  They are both so sweet and soooo cute!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Kennedy Brown

I did Miss Kennedy's parents maternity session awhile back (Keith & Shalana Brown.)  I couldn't wait to meet Kennedy!  She is the sweetest little thing!  I just wanted to keep her ;-)  Thanks for coming out to see me again Keith, Shalana, and Kennedy!  I can't wait to see you guys again at Christmas!

Miss Mattie Grace

I graduated high school with sweet Mattie's mother!  One thing is for certain, they will never have to worry about this one wanting to run around naked ;-) She HATED having her clothes off, bless her heart!  April, it was so nice to meet your husband and Mason!  You have a beautiful little family!  Thank you for bringing Mattie Grace to see me!  She is gorgeous!

Monday, August 22, 2011

My HOT husband ;-)

I've been asking my husband to let me take some photos of him with his motorcycle for AWHILE now!  Like most men, he absolutely HATES having his picture taken.  Which I've never understood, because he is very photogenic.

  Friday, while we were out on one of our little excursions, we came across what we thought would be the perfect spot in downtown, Tuscumbia.  So Saturday, we planned on going back to Tuscumbia, and I had a few other spots in mind as well.  Well we pull up to the "perfect spot" and it is locked where we can't get to it.  Luckily I have been out wandering around on my lunch break in downtown Florence a few days and had a backup plan. 

I love the way these turned out!  I'm hoping we can go back to Tuscumbia and make some more very soon though (maybe after it cools off a bit!)

I am one very lucky lady!  We had a ball doing this and if you know my husband, you can probably imagine some of the poses he was striking for me, LOL!  Rosie's Cantina probably got a hilarious show out their side windows. ;-)  But his humor and not caring what anyone else thinks about what he is doing is one of the many things I love about him!