Monday, October 3, 2011

Classic Pin-ups :-)

If you know me, you know I love all things vintage/antique!  This is a direct result of spending so much time with my Great Aunt Becker.  She used to carry me around to antique shops and yard sales every weekend when I stayed with her.  We had a ball!  I also learned alot about old stuff and gained such an appreciation for these things. 

When my friend from high school's wife contacted me about doing some "sexy" photos for their first wedding anniversary, I immediately knew the look I wanted from them!  She explained what she was wanting to wear for them, and I was so excited!  I've been wanting to do a session like this for awhile now!

I plan on having a full day of only pin-up sessions in the very near future!  So if you are interested, keep an eye out on my FB photo page.  I have tons of ladies ask about them, so I'm sure they will go fast! 

Heather did a great job posing for these, isn't she gorgeous?!  Joe (her husband) loved them! Rachel King at Revelationz Studio of Hair Design in Florence, AL did her hair and makeup. 

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