Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reyer Family 7/23/11

Remember back a few months ago when I did the free session giveaway on FB?  Well, this is the family that won!  These children were such a joy to be around and photograph!  I've been wanting to try a session in our driveway, so we gave it a shot!  They were troopers!  It was hot (already at 8:30 a.m.) and they had to trek through some bushes and deal with alot of bugs.  We live on the Tennessee River out in the woods, literally!  Our driveway looks like you are heading out into the middle of nowhere.  It's all natural, very overgrown, but I was extremely pleased with how this session turned out.  I'm going to have to do some more sessions there. :-) Shane & Stefanie, you have beautiful babies and they did wonderful!  I hope they had fun and the experience wasn't too bad for them!  Enjoy these pics from their session!

Miss Lacey!
This young lady has stunning blue eyes... ahhhh!
Little Micah!
Women would kill for those eyelashes!

Nathan :-)
Such a little cutie!

I remember thinking this Bamboo was the coolest thing when I was little and would go visit my grandparents. :-) Love the way it turned out!

This one makes me smile :-) One of my fav pics that I've taken so far!
An example of a Storyboard, the possibilites with these are endless.
Sweet kids!

Thanks to everyone for liking my page and participating in the contest.  I will have more in the future! 

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